The City of Lost Fortunes by Bryan Camp.

Jude hasn’t practiced magic in six years, He is unnerved, however, when, during a poker game with other magical beings, his powers are stolen from him.

Jude, a demi-god known for his talent for finding lost things, has been struggling with his powers after Hurricane Katrina. 

Since the storm his “gift” has been out of control. He tells his Regal how the storm affected his abilities:

“I don’t know if it had to do with how much got lost, or if it was me, or what. But I felt everything…I couldn’t stand being around people without a way to shut it out.”

Thus, after the storm, Jude doesn’t practice magic for six years.

One night, however, during a poker game with other magical beings, things begin to radically change.

At the poker game, something valuable is taken from him that makes Jude reconsider his ban on magic.

His ex-boss, Mourning, gives him an assignment–to find out who murdered the fortune god–but Jude is loath to comply.  

He needs to use everything in his magical bag of tricks to keep up with the machinations of the voodoo gods, vampires, and zombies that threaten him. 

This is a fast-paced supernatural thriller with a wonderful literary creation, Jude Dubisson, at helm.