Utley Middle School’s Mary Poppins, Jr.

Mary Poppins, Jr. Utley Middle School

I saw two performances and will most likely see the 7:00 show tonight.

Its easy to forget what a wonderful story this is, especially when presented as a movie with special effects or presented merely as children’s entertainment.

Most get introduced to Mary Poppins through the Disney version; it easy to become entranced by Mary’s magic, her confidence, and no-nonsense approach to life.

Make no mistake, the actress playing Mary Poppins for the Utley Middle School version does a wonderful job.

What impressed me most about this particular play, however, was the job done by the actor playing Mr. Banks.

This is the character that has the most growth. He starts off as a tyrannical father with no idea of how to be parent or be a husband. He learns in the end how to fly a kite, so to speak. He learns how to balance work with fun, how to balance family with responsibility. Its a nuanced role and the kid actor playing this in the Utley version does it well.