Biloxi by Mary Miller

Louis McDonald, Jr always assumed he would inherit his father’s estate after he retired. He didn’t count on his wife leaving him and his Dad leaving the bulk of his estate to her.

Though he is, at times, an unlikeable character who drinks too much, Louis can also make amusing, wry observations.

His life goes in an unexpected direction when Layla, an overweight mixed-breed dog, and her wacky owner, Sasha, comes into life.

Louis’ plight will appeal to anyone whose life didn’t turn out the way they expected.

His life is peppered with a myriad of inconveniences. For instance, there is a bird that keeps hitting his window each morning. Even though his wife left him, his brother-in-law keeps visiting with left-overs. He is diabetic but can’t remember to manage his sugar levels. 

Louis is an endearing curmudgeon who has a hard time finding the right things to say to people. The only one who seems to accept his failures are Layla, the dog who has entered his life by coincidence.   While there’s not much action, there’s a lot of reflection and humor in this novel.

While Louis is upset when he first learns of the details of the will, Louis realizes he does not really need the money. He has Layla and a chance to reunite with family members he has long neglected.