The Burning Air

Burning Air by Erin Kelly

A home schooled boy bears a grudge against the family he believes destroyed his future. Darcy Kellaway’s vicious act against head master Ronan McBride’s son, Felix, could have resulted in prison time. Instead, he avoids detection, rebuilds his life, and entraps an innocent girl in a foul plot to exact revenge.

Kelly’s novel is a complicated revenge plot. The McBrides are an affable, accomplished family, yet Mrs. McBride’s diary hides a secret. After her death, Darcy infiltrates their home away from home–the Far Barn in Devon.

Things come to a dramatic climax on Bonfire night–a family tradition that nearly goes horribly wrong. Felix’s girlfriend may have kidnapped Sophie’s baby while the family enjoyed the bonfire.

Kelly’s nuanced depiction of Kerry is particularly well-crafted. She is a victim, in more ways than one, yet she seems surprisingly strong and level-headed.

This thriller will have readers constantly guessing what the outcome will be.


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