Imaginary Girls

This dark novel is a stand-out for its superb characterization and its exciting narrative pace.

Unlike most superheroes, Ruby is supremely narcissistic. While at first she merely seems to be able to get boys to like her and dominate others, her powers begin to wreak havoc.

Chloe slowly realizes her sister has a strange connection to the Ashokan reservoir. Years ago, the Ashokan reservoir was built to give New York a water drinking supply. In the process, however, nine towns, including Olive, were intentionally flooded.

Townspeople were given plenty of warning but some refused to leave. 

Ruby displays the same kind of arrogance; treating her mother, friends, and boyfriends with disdain. None of the local cops will ticket her. Her workplace looks the other way when she pinches candy.

Despite her unsavory qualities, Ruby will do anything to protect her little sister, Chloe, even if it means becoming involved in supernatural activities.

Nova Ren Suma’s website:

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